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About us

We are a Professional CDL Recruiting company that helps you achieve your CDL License.

We offer different types of programs and study materials you need to obtain your license. Here you will learn the fundamentals to become a Professional CDL driver and acquire the assistance you need to achieve you goals in this industry.

Our Senior examiner Ricardo Melendez with 27 years’of experience, and just retired as a CDL Certified Examiner is committed to help everyone getting the proper training. Honesty and flexibility are very important to him. Lowest rates in the nation and within 3 to 4 weeks training most of the students can complete the program.

  • CDL Class A

    Getting a Class A CDL entitles you to operate a combination of vehicles — such as a semi-tractor and trailer — with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more. It also entitles you to haul a trailer that weighs 10,000 pounds or more.

  • CDL Class B

    A Class B CDL allows you to drive any truck (single Unit), such as a Straight Trucks, Dump Trucks, Mixer Trucks (cement trucks), delivery trucks or any single unit truck that the GWVR is 26,001 or more.

  • CDL Class B

    With School bus endorsements

    Allows you to drive any school bus with the amount of passenger that the school bus is equipped also with the same school bus endorsement allows you to drive a passenger vehicle also nonrelated to school bus. Mentioned in the previous description.

  • CDL Class B

    With Passenger Endorsements

    Allows you to drive any passenger vehicle with no limit of the amount of passenger. And that includes city and county buses, theme park bus, hotel bus, tourism bus.

How does it work?

  • How to start the process?

    Get your CDL Driving Permit

    The first thing you need to do is get your CDL driving permit at the DMV. You will also be required to pass a physical test before obtaining DMV Permit.

    If the job your seeking requires any specific field such as: Tank, Hazardous Materials (HZMAT), passengers or School Bus you will need to take the specific exam you need as well.

    For Class B License, you will only need General Knowledge and Air Brakes for the test at the DMV.

  • Where can I get all the required study Materials?

    We offer all the study materials you need to get your CDL License.

    All study materials are included with the purchase of one of our training packages. All you need is a deposit and we will provide you the study materials you need to start your permit process.

  • Do I need any medical examination?


    You would have to get a D.O.T. Medical exam.

  • Do you have spanish speaking instructors?

    Yes. Our staff speaks Spanish!

    We provide Spanish classes along with all the study materials in Spanish to help our clients prepare and study better. Our instructors will work hard with you until your able to do the Pre-inspection in English.

  • Do I need any experience as a CDL driver?

    No. You don't need to have any previous experience as a CDL driver.

    All study materials are included with the purchase of one of our CDL training packages. All you need is a deposit and we will provide you all the study materials you need for to start your permit process.

  • How long does it take to finish the course?

    You can finish the course within weeks!

    It will all depend on your circumstances and how hard you train. Much of our students have completed their courses with a little as a week of training. If you train and study hard you can do it in very little time.

  • I have to work. Do I have to go take the CDL classes 4 to 6 days a week?

    No. We are very flexible with our schedule, and we work with our clients.

    We are aware that many must continue working in order to cover their expenses. Therefore, we have a class on weekends, and you are not obligated to assist certain days a week. You can assist when your circumstances allow you to. It will take longer for you to complete your program, yet we have helped many complete their courses despite this fact. We will work with you!

  • Can we study as a couple or as a team?

    Yes. Couples and teams are welcome to sign up for the program.

    There’s a lot of Companies out there that are looking for team drivers to hire and it is very beneficial.

Financial Questions

  • How to pay for the program?

    We have several payment options

    We accept credit or debit card over the phone or on-site facility, money orders, certified checks, pay pal, via Zelle, cash app or cash. No Personal checks allowed.

  • Where can I get financial assistance for my CDL licsense?

    We have financial assistance available for you

    We accept installment payments throughout the program, and student loans if qualify, based on the credit scores.

    Click the link bellow to apply; it only takes about five minutes.

    Click here to apply!

    There is a 3.5% of the amount of the loan, that will be paid one time to our company.

  • Do you need a payment plan?

    We offer payment plan options

    We can help you with a payment plan convenient for you. Call us and make a deposit and we will arrange the payment plan for you. Please note that in order to complete the program you must first have to pay off the payment plan.

  • Any other payment plan options?

    Layaway plan available

    We have a layaway plan available. You decide the payment’s amount and the timeframe, as long as you need. We train you according to the payments made. We will do the best we can to help you accomplish to complete the program and obtain your CDL .


In our Kissimmee facility, we provide a professional Pre-trip inspection class, in order to be able to inspect all the parts of the trucks, including the air brake test properly. We train the students using a projector to identify each and every part.

We will also provide you with all the necessary study materials for you to be able to get your CDL Permit at the DMV.


We have the best prices in our area!

Class A


  • All Required Study Materials
  • 12 Hours Pre-trip Inspection Class
  • On hand practice, training and testing on an affiliated (certified truck driving school).

Class B


  • All Required Study Materials
  • 12 Hours Pre-trip Inspection Class
  • On hand practice, training and testing on an affiliated (certified truck driving school).

Safety Course

We are pleased to announce that CDL Recruiting Center is now offering a two-hour Safety Course for only $199.00. *In this very helpful course you will learn about some Truck Driver Safety Topics like:

  • How to drive safe on Snow, Black Ice, Mountains and driving in the Rain
  • How to overcome fatigue
  • The law about DUI
  • Why learn light mechanic, the importance of carrying extra truck parts
  • The importance of the Pre-trip inspection every day
  • The rights of the drivers when forced to drive a truck that does not pass the DOT

  • Also feature on the course what you need to know to be a Professional CDL Driver:

  • How to get noticed by the Supervisors
  • How to succeed on the Company and get promoted
  • How to become an owner operator when the time is right
  • How to start a Small Trucking Company and potential of profits

  • Instructor

    Ricardo Melendez with 27 Years of experience in the CDL and the Trucking industry

    * This Price is a limited time offer; regular course price is $299.00

    Curso De Seguridad

    CDL Recruiting Center ahora ofrece un Curso De Seguridad de dos horas por solo $199.00*. En este curso aprenderá sobre tópicos de vital importancia que le permitirán proteger su inversión como Chofer Comercial. Algunos de ellos son:

  • Como manejar de manera segura en la Nieve, Hielo Negro (Black Ice), Montañas y bajo la Lluvia
  • Como superar la fatiga
  • Todo lo que tienes que saber de las leyes DUI
  • Porque aprender mecánica ligera, la importancia de siempre tener piezas de reemplazo
  • La importancia de hacer una Inspección previa completa siempre
  • Los derechos de los conductores cuando los obligan a manejar un camión que no pasa el DOT

  • También en este curso aprenderá lo que necesita saber para ser un Chofer Comercial Profesional:

  • Como sobresalir ante el Supervisor
  • Como ascender de posición en la empresa
  • Como convertirse en un operador y propietario cuando sea el momento adecuado
  • Como comenzar su propia empresa de camiones

  • Instructor

    Ricardo Meléndez con 27 años de experiencia en la industria de Camiones y CDL

    *Este precio es por tiempo limitado; el precio regular será $299.00

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